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International Taijiquan Culture Festival

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Welcome to the 7th ISCT Taijiquan Culture Festival, the international event dedicated to the culture of Taijiquan, taking place in Naples at PalaBarbuto Sports Hall from April 25 to April 28, 2024. You are invited to participate in this extraordinary celebration of Taijiquan, sharing knowledge and creating connections in a stimulating and culturally rich environment.

This event will feature a series of workshops, demonstrations, and lectures led by Taijiquan experts, guiding us through the hidden lines of this wonderful discipline. We will have the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in the field of Taijiquan, enhancing our understanding and improving our skills.

The Festival, hosted by Italy Chen Xiaojia, will have the participation of Master Chen Peishan, with the collaboration of  Masters Chen Shaohua and Chen Shaokang.

The program, as detailed below, includes three days of practice.  Participants will study Sizheng forms, with and without the sword, the traditional sword form, Yilu form, and Tuishou, according to their level of practice. Finally, the third day of practice will be entirely dedicated to something completely new for all Taijiquan practitioners: the study of the Sizheng Broadsword form (Sizheng Taijidao). Participants are encouraged to bring their own practice equipment. Only for those unable to bring their equipment, the organization will provide a valid alternative for studying this weapon (for more details please see the festival registration form).

A conference is scheduled on the morning of the fourth day,  to discuss  research activities related to the study and practice of Taijiquan, while the afternoon will be dedicated to performances by Masters and participant groups from different schools. The conference will be held in one of the two hotels affiliated with the Festival, while the performances will take place at PalaBarbuto Sports Hall.

A concluding gala evening will follow, also at one of the two affiliated hotels.

It will be possible to book a full meal, normal or vegetarian, for lunch breaks  to be consumed at the event venue on April 25, 26 and 27. For those interested, it is also possible to book a light lunch on April 28, to be consumed  after  the conference, at the hotel venue (for more details please see the festival registration form).

The ISCT Committee will meet on April 26 after the afternoon practice session.

All activities will be conducted in English.

Event Venue:

All practice activities, including performances, will take place at PalaBarbuto Sports Hall, located at Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo, 80125 Naples. The event venue is connected to the two affiliated hotels by a bus service included in the hotel reservation price (see details below). For those choosing alternative accommodation, information on public transportation to reach the venue is available at this link

Research activities presentation will take place at one of the two affiliated hotels.

Festival Program:

The three days of workshops are open to all practitioners, members of the International Society of Chen Taijiquan, regardless of their technical level. Participants may be grouped according to their level during each session.


  • Participation in one day of workshop €130.00
  • Participation in two days of workshop €200.00
  • Participation in three days of workshop €260.00

Participation in the conference and performances on April 28 is free and open to all.

Only ISCT Committee members participate in the committee meeting.

The costs include the registration fee and a commemorative T-shirt of your size. Additional T-shirts can be ordered at €15.00 each, during the registration process. Lunch on  workshop days are not included but can be optionally requested when filling out the registration form, at a cost of €15.00 each.

The conference on April 28 will be held at one of the two affiliated hotels. After the conference, a light lunch can be enjoyed at the hotel. You can book this meal, with no commitment, when filling out the registration form.  A confirmation request with the cost will be sent later, and you can choose to take part or not (for more details please see the festival registration form).

In the registration form, you can also choose  to attend the gala dinner, whose cost is not included in the participation fee. In this case, you can express your possible participation, and your response will determine the number of participants and the dinner cost . Your affirmative response is not binding, and you will later receive a confirmation request with the gala dinner cost, to which you can choose to adhere or not.

Festival Registration:

Participation in the festival requires preliminary registration. To register, simply complete the registration form, where you will also find additional detailed information. After completing the form, a summary of your responses will be sent to you for your reference. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect with the international Taijiquan community, learn from experts, and enjoy the beauty of Naples. Register now by following the instructions in the form to ensure an unforgettable experience at the ISCT Festival 2024!


For hotel reservations at one of the two affiliated hotels, see further down on this page.

For additional information, questions, or assistance, feel free to contact us at, indicating your request in the subject line.

Workshop Payment Methods:

  • 1 DAY WORKSHOP: €50.00 DEPOSIT BY 01/31/24; BALANCE OF €80.00 BY 02/29/24
  • 2 DAYS WORKSHOP: €80.00 DEPOSIT BY 01/31/24; BALANCE OF €120.00 BY 02/29/24
  • 3 DAYS WORKSHOP: €100.00 DEPOSIT BY 01/31/24; BALANCE OF €160.00 BY 02/29/24

PLEASE NOTE: Those who decide to purchase one or more lunches on April 25, 26, and 27 to be consumed at the venue will need to pay for them together with the final balance.

Access this site to pay via Bank Transfer (other payment methods will soon be available).

At the bottom of this page, you will find two videos with instructions for payment.

Payment for accommodation can be made through our tourist assistance service as indicated below.

Hotel Reservations and Tourist Information:

The city of Naples is an international tourist attraction throughout the year, and it is not always easy to find affordable hotel accommodation, especially during festive periods such as the one during which the Festival takes place. We have provided an assistance service for those who need a hotel reservation or additional tourist services, available at the end of this section. Below, you will find preliminary summary information that will help you to choose the solution closest to your needs. However, you will find all the information you need by accessing the tourist assistance service by clicking the link at the end of this section.

Preliminary Information

To ensure a pleasant stay during the Festival, we have selected two adjacent hotels with special rates, where participants will also have the opportunity to socialize with each other. A basic hotel stay formula of 5 nights (check-in 4/24; check-out 4/29) with different booking options is planned. All formulas include breakfast (BB) and daily transport service from the hotel to the event venue and back. Single, double, and triple rooms are available. Currently, no tourist tax is due for all formulas.

Some booking formulas also include an evening shuttle service to and from the city center at scheduled times, not included in others. Those who opt for this second possibility can alternatively have a dinner à la carte at the hotel or reach the city center using their own means, such as a car or taxi (as indicated in the figure, PalaBarbuto is about 20 minutes from the center of Naples).

To use the hotel reservation service, it is necessary to provide your billing details. Prices are indicated per person. When you are booking a double or triple room, simply add  the name(s) of the other(s) sharing the room with you.

Immediately after your registration and choice of accommodation option, you will be contacted by an operator to complete your hotel booking. Our assistance service is not e-commerce but is provided by qualified personnel who will not be limited to hotel reservations alone, but will be active both in the days preceding the festival and during its progress, to respond to any of your needs.

It should be noted that a number of rooms have been reserved to accommodate most festival participants. However, the availability of these rooms is limited: booking and payment must be made by December 30, 2023. It is advisable, in any case, not to wait until the last usable date to make your reservation. Beyond this date, it will not be possible to guarantee room availability.

Payment for hotel reservations is made directly within our assistance service.

Those who wish to book in structures other than those selected, even after the above-mentioned deadline, can always do so by accessing our dedicated assistance service and specifying their requests. In this case, however, the bus service to and from the event venue is not included, and the availability of rooms cannot be guaranteed.

An additional charge will be required for those who request dates different from the base ones (check-in 4/24; check-out 4/29), anticipating and/or postponing the check-in or check-out,

Finally, it is possible to request a series of additional services that will be quoted separately, such as, for example:

  • airport or station transport to and from the hotel;
  • tourist services for visiting the city (sightseeing) (the service will be provided upon reaching a minimum number of participants);
  • additional tourist services on dates following the end of the festival, to book, for example, train tickets from Naples to other destinations and/or overnight stays in other cities (e.g., Rome).

If two or more people wish to request the same type of service, it is advisable to send a single request, specifying the number of participants (e.g., to book a city sightseeing tour). You will find all the assistance you need to book your accommodation during your stay in Naples and other tourist services you may need and their respective quotes at the following link.



Instructions for deposit payment

Instructions for balance payment and for ordering meals at the sports hall.